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2018 Zilco Harness and Coyaltix Carriages Prices being updated

[Jan 2018]

Simply contact us and our friendly agent will find out the individual prices of Zilco products and Coyaltix carriages that you are interested in.
Discounts & Lay-by available on harness 
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Coyaltix Australia Indicative Carriage Prices

[May 2016]
To get a better idea, simply click on Coyaltix Carriages and scroll to the bottom to view the latest Carriage Prices of our most requested Coyaltix Carriages.

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Coyaltix Carriages orders on their way to Australia

[July 2016]
Excited customers await their arrival.
See the variety of carriages available and feel free to get a quote as the next container is filling now

Check out the slideshow below for a sneak peek or click here for a close up

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Great new Products from Coyaltix

[Mar 2016]
Check out the new carts from Coyaltix, you are bound to find something that makes you smile. 


New website introductory of 10% off the Zilco range, for a limited time only.

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Coyaltix Australia Website is live 

[Jan 2016]
Please let us know if you find anything that is broken or missing on the website, we value your feedback. 🙂
Email: Gwenifer@coyaltix.com.au for your feedback.

Also check us out on Facebook:
Your feedback is appreciated.  

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Coyaltix Global

Coyaltix is a global brand, however all design and manufacture is completed at Coyaltix HQ in Poland. To see the parent website to Coyaltix Australia, please click the link below.

Link to Coyaltix in Poland

Zilco Harness

The popular Zilco Harness range can make a durable accompaniment to the Coyaltix range. To see more from the Zilco parent site, please click the link below.

Link to Zilco Australia

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