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Marathon MA54 Black


Product Number:        MA54

Type:                              Marathon

Suits:                              Pony

Weight:                          170kg

Length:                          174cm

Width:                           126cm

Height:                          145cm

Shafts:                           Telescopic (covered) or Fixed

Extendable Axl is an Option from 125cm - 138cm

Wheel Type:                 Hard Rubber Metal

Wheel Colour:              Stainless Steel

Disc Brakes:                  Front and rear disc brakes and a brake on the fifth wheel

Colour:                          [your choice]

Upholstery:                  [your choice]

Upholstery Colour:     [your choice]

Please email for current Australian prices 


Coyaltix Australia Carriage Prices 2017 are being updated

2017 prices are currently being updated in Europe, it is based on the Euro exchange rate at the time of calculation(14-2-16) and are including GST, tariffs, shipping from Poland to Nathalia Vic. and Insurance. They are based on transportation in a 40 foot container. Prices will increase a little with added extras like adjustable axle, extra steps, dicky seat or turntable brake if it is not indicated as part of that model. Generally whether for horse or pony the price is the same and with hard or pneumatic tyres. Some people also request air bag suspension on the back of the marathon carriages. For pair carriages shafts would be extra if requested.

Individual prices are still available by simply contacting us and our friendly agent will find out directly from the makers, the prices of carriages you are interested in. The full 2017 list will be available online soon.


(These prices are samples and would be tuned with your personalisation. They are prices that are commonly requested but please contact us for prices on other carriages.)



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