Where can I view more Coyaltix Carriages?
You can find the full range on the main Coyaltix website
Where do the Coyaltix Carriages come from?
Poland in Europe
Are Coyaltix Carriages individually made?
Yes, Coyaltix Carriages are individually made in Poland to your specified colour, pinstriping, manufacturing is individually adjusted to suit driver’s height and horse height and your specific application.
Are Coyaltix Carriages good quality?
Yes, Coyaltix Carriages are finely constructed, superbly made by experienced professional European craftsmen with superior high grade materials, and elegantly finished. Please click here to check out more about the quality of Coyaltix Carriages or click here to view our gallery, featuring many Australian carriage drivers. 

Is there a warranty for Coyaltix products?
Yes the carriages come with a two year warranty.

Is Coyaltix a big brand?
Coyaltix is a company that supplies carriages worldwide. They are a well-known and trusted European brand. See the Coyaltix Website. Check out our gallery featuring a number of Australians driving Coyaltix Carriages.



Who is Coyaltix Australia?
Coyaltix Australia is represented by On Track Consultants Pty/Ltd - Coyaltix’s official Agent in Australia. See About Us

Can I purchase spare parts for my Coyaltix Carriage?
Yes, parts can be ordered through Coyaltix Carriages/On Track Consultants Pty/Ltd. Parts would be placed in the container bringing carriages.

I like a carriage from the main Coyaltix European website, can I custom order mine?
Yes, you can order your selected Coyaltix Carriage through us, all orders are custom colours, finishes and built to suit driver’s height and horse height and your specific application.

Where is Coyaltix Australia?
Coyaltix Australia / On Track Park Consultants Pty/Ltd is situated at 16 Blacksmiths Road, Nathalia Victoria. See Contact Us, see Google Map

Where is On Track Park Consultants Pty/Ltd located?
16 Blacksmiths Road, Nathalia in North Central Victoria. See Google Map
What are Coyaltix Australia’s business hours?
Coyaltix Australia / On Track Consultants Pty/Ltd have flexible business hours and attempt to answer all enquiries and this may involve after hours calls and emails.



I’m not sure which is the carriage for me, can I get help?
Yes, we have staff experienced in carriage driving and the Coyaltix range, and are equipped to assist with selecting a carriage right for you. Simply go to Contact Us and answer a few basic questions to give us a better idea of what may suit you, followed up by a personal call from us to help you make the right decision on a great carriage.
Where does the "Stock in Australia" come from?
Occasionally there would be featured stock in Australia varying from new Coyaltix carriages shipped from Poland to second hand carriages. 

Why do I need to find out the height of my horse/pony?
Height information is important to determine the correct size, and weight for your carriage. The manufacturer will require your horse height in centimetres.

Do I need the Carriage Agreement/Terms and Conditions?
Yes. the Carriage Agreement/Terms and Conditions is a purchase contract that must be signed for all purchases to go through.



How can I order?
You may order either by submitting an online form or print and submitting via email or post. The Carriage Agreement/Terms and Conditions will need to be signed and returned.
How do I order?
After you have selected a Coyaltix Carriage (see full Coyaltix  range on their Main Website) and connected with our staff to help with the details, simply order by:
(1) fill out and submit an Online Order Form or print and fill out an PDF form to mail to us by email or post. See Order Forms
(2) sign and send Purchase Agreement/Terms & Conditions (print, sign and return either by scan and email or by post)
After receiving your form, you will be contacted to proceed in finalising your order. See Contact us for further enquiries.

How do I mail my order by post?
To mail and order via post, you need to print the PDF Order Form (see Order Forms) and the Carriage Agreement/Terms and conditions, and fill out and sign both forms to send via post to:
Coyaltix Australia
On Track Consultants Pty/Ltd
16 Blacksmiths Road
Nathalia, VIC 3638

How do I email my order?
To order via email, you require a printer/scanner. You will need to print the PDF Order Form (see Order Forms) and the Carriage Agreement/Terms and conditions, and fill out and sign both forms, scan the signed copies and email with it as an attachment.



Where will my order be when it gets to Australia?
Your carriage will be shipped from Poland to Nathalia, Victoria and securely garaged for your pick up or transporting home.
How long does an order take to arrive to Australia?
Carriages are ordered to your specifications as soon as a container is filled, they are placed in the queue for manufacture, the custom manufacturing, and shipping from Europe will take from twenty weeks.
Is delivery included? 
The price of shipping (will be worked out at the time of order with the exchange rate and include GST tarriffs and insurance) to Nathalia, shipping costs to your door is not included.
Can Coyaltix Australia organise delivery?
Please contact us to discuss this, should you be interested. Delivery will be worked out on an individual basis.

Can I pick up my carriage myself?
Customers are welcome to arrange their own pick up from On Track Consultants Pty/Ltd.



How do can I pay for my order?
We offer payment via Bank transfer (safe and easy) to On Track Consultants Pty/ Ltd
Do I need to pay the full amount when I order?
Please see the Carriage agreement for deposit and final payment.

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