At Stud

CATARAQUI THE SQUIRE. On Track Park Stud offers Welsh Cob Section D 14HH 5 year old.




Agistment is offered at Nathalia Victoria at competitive prices for horses and ponies.  On Track Park is an irrigation property and can offer the advantages of lush green pastures or dry paddocks for your horse or pony requirements.

Stabling can be offered if needed.


On Track Park Stud has been selling beautiful horses for years, varying from young stock to trained horses. We specialise in producing horses and ponies of good temperament and movement.  Our prices are quite competitive for the quality of the horse/pony.

Our Team


On Track Consultant Pty/Ltd directors Gwenifer and Bryan Hack are based in Nathalia Victoria and breed Welsh Cob horses and ponies and Clydesdale crosses. They are passionate and experienced in driving and showing horses, and skilled in breaking in the odd horse. Gwenifer is a Driven Dressage judge and show judge, she breaks in and trains her own horses.

The Carriage pictured opposite is a Pheaton Binger Gig which was one of three made in Nathalia, Victoria in the 1890s, Bryan Hack restored this carriage and is used in authentic Turn Out Classes.                     

Coyaltix in Australia will trade under On Track Consultants Pty/ Ltd.



At On Track Park we share the love of horses, therefore also the importance of the quality of equipment and products used to enhance the experiences we share. The love of Coyaltix started when purchasing our first horse pairs carriage, there was great anticipation of its arrival from Coyaltix in Europe. The exhilarating feeling of driving a carriage that glided so beautifully, exactly where you wanted and had presence.  The carriage was so well built and so well designed that we went on to purchase a gig, a single horse carriage just to name a few.

We believe in quality workmanship, hence we were thrilled to receive the agency in Australia for these wonderful carriages and are proud to recommend them to anyone who wants quality and elegance.

Coyaltix in Australia will trade under On Track Consultants Pty/ Ltd.

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